Features of the Book

  • Employs an Engaging, Easy-to-Read Style

    Bible study doesn’t have to be a dry, boring endeavor. This book could be described as a “conversation” about Daniel, one that reads like a novel.

  • Discusses Key Terms & Themes in Daniel

    Important Greek terms and key themes are noted and explored throughout this book, but only in a way that complements, rather than detracts, from the story of Daniel.

  • Explains Cultural & Historical Details

    There are several confusing details in this book. Who was the little horn? How do we explain the 70 weeks? This book sheds light on Daniel’s confusing details.

  • Points of Application for Each Chapter

    It’s not enough to study and know the Word if it’s not applied to life. Each chapter of this book ends with “Talking Points” to spark discussion, reflection, and application.

  • Balanced, Reverent View of Scripture

    Every Guide to God’s Word published by Start2Finish Books is based on the conviction that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

  • Based on the English Standard Verison

    Published in 2001, the English Standard Version (ESV) represents an "essentially literal" translation philosophy without being difficult to read or study.

Michael Whitworth's greatest contribution in the pages ahead is not just his careful scholarship of the Daniel text (making it refreshingly accessible to the average reader), but also his challenge to the church to see Daniel as a must-read for Christians who are now facing the imminent prospect of spiritual exile in our own homelands.
The Derision of Heaven
F. LaGard Smith
Editor of The Daily Bible
Whitworth writes in a comfortable, almost casual style but is always profoundly respectful of the inspiration behind Daniel's account.
The Derision of Heaven
Dr. Dennis Loyd
Gospel Advocate
The Derision of Heaven is a concise, informative introduction to the difficult text of Daniel. All of us who need to understand Old Testament prophecy better can use Michael Whitworth's book, which also urges us (in a strong, scriptural way!) to rededicate ourselves to Kingdom service.
The Derision of Heaven
Dr. Caleb G. Colley

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The Derision of Heaven

About the Author

Michael Whitworth is the owner of Start2Finish Books and preaches in Bowie, Texas. He is the author of several works, including two award-winning books, The Epic of God and The Derision of Heaven.

He is an avid landscape photographer and blogs regularly at Start2Finish Blog, a reflection of his daily struggle to become more like Jesus. He considers M&Ms his brain food is fond of large Mason jars. He's a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Alabama Crimson Tide.

In his spare time, Michael loves reading and drinking coffee, watching sports, and spending time with his family and furry golden retriever.

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